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Finding the right tuition for your child can be a challenge. Often the prospect of one-to-one teaching can be daunting for them. We find that kids love our PC based approach  - it doesn't seem like work  - yet the powerful teaching software, used in some of the most advanced Learning Centres in the country, tracks and adapts to present just the right level of challenge to engage the student and hold their interest.


Learning is fun and easy in a centre where only a few other children are also absorbed in the experience. Then when a real learning block becomes apparent, the one-to-one teaching doesn't seem so intimidating.

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Individually tailored learning

At the Independent Learning Centre, students enjoy catching up or being ahead of the class for a change. Our system is as effective for the gifted and talented student  who finds classroom teaching too slow, as it is for those who are challenged and feeling left behind. It is genuinely tailored to the capabilities and need of each individual student from infant to GCSE class.

One-to-one support

Our systems employ one-to-one computer managed learning sessions which are tailored to the student’s individual capabilities and challenges – and these systems track and learn about the student’s progress and needs, so modifying and developing the level and content of the material presented.  


98% Success rate


98% of all the children who have used Independent Learning Centres have seen improvements over the school based predictions of their performance –

so we know we make a real difference.

" An hour of 1-1 would be too tiring, so breaking up the session with ICT programs is a good idea.  Excellent, clear, patient and personalised tuition was key to the childrens' success." W


"My daughter has been with ILC since year 7 and found her experience extremely helped by the extra 1-1 tuition which enabled her to gain more confidence in English and Maths"  E


"ILC gives you extra guidance & support and this was exceptional as I approached my GCSEs. Maths is now my favorite subject!"  S

Patient and personalised tuition

We monitor our students’ progress individually and continuously so that we are always able to provide personal support at those difficult learning points and we always know where our students are performing within the National Curriculum structure. In fact we can provide a useful indication of how they will perform in SATs and GCSE examinations.

Individual monitoring

Make learning fun again... and get ahead of the rest

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