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Beginners Basic Computing Tuition

Getting to know your computer - switching on and off - feeling at ease with the keyboard, functions, icons and using a mouse.

Personal one to one coaching and small class size make the ILC beginners computer course ideal for those baffeled by then IT age.

Looking at and practising functions using the keyboard and toolbar, understanding styles, text sizes, headings, layouts, formatting and using tools.

Introduction to working programs  Word processing for beginners- practice typing, layouts, margins, changing paper sizes, spacing, page numbering, and copying short texts

Practice and create typing personal letters, using spellcheck and thesaurus, create documents, using block tools for formatting and deleting, saving files, moving and deleting documents and files.

Design and produce graphs and tables, inserting styles, borders, colours, shapes, bullet points and art form.

Manage basic accounting skills Using Spreadsheets to create accounts using numbers, sorting, automatic functions and spreadsheets.

Internet for email  going on-line email for beginners - opening an account, receiving, replying, forwarding, drafts, attaching and deleting items.

Photo saving program Picasa for beginners - taking and saving photos from your camera, labelling, cropping, editing pictures, forwarding and emailing photos

Finding information using search engines. Connect to the internet and web browser to search for specific information using – Google, Ask or Bing

Revision and creating personal documents - Overview and practice past 9 weeks work looking at documents, invitations, flyers, email, search engines and Picasa

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Week 10

10 weeks @ 1hr per session

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